Saturday, December 29, 2012

Today's thoughts

so this was yesterday.. I made the Protein mug cake I mentioned in one of my previous post's... looks amazing??? .... right... well looks can be deceiving  It was GAWD AWFUL !! dry, so danged dry I could barely eat it!! oh one of the bummers of the calorie counter I am using is it is easy to put the counts in the wrong day... notice I put all yesterdays into Saturday..... ah yesterday was Friday!! lol

beautiful... ah not!! 

one of my meals yesterday. I love the Walden Farms zero calorie BBQ sauce 

this morning's freezing cold walk, I won't do that again without mittens and ear muffs!! then I went to the gym and trained... and did another 25 minutes of cardio. I got in my cardio today for sure! 

so I have been eating these protein oats for a while now. I know I have posted it numerous times. I make it with 1/4 cup oats (truthfully probably more because the measuring cup is not level) and chia seeds, flax meal and I add a scoop of protein well with the new calorie counter I have been using I got a more accurate count 

yes you read correctly ... 371 calories for breakfast!!! what am I nuts!!!  I think I will be having egg whites and Ezekiel toast from now on!! No wonder my weight was running high... well that and those 6 brownies  and 4 servings of macaroni and cheese I ate at the work Christmas buffet

well it is back to basics... 

staples in the ole household 

well guys have a nice Saturday and I will catch cha later 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scales Kapoot

I took the batteries out of my scale, I knew I would see a gain and I don't want to get down about it

I feel good, my pants fit fine... who knows??? I will weigh on 1/1/13...

Today's food: 

I have been having my protein with my coffee... put it in a shaker cup, it's yummo!! 

I want to try this... it looks good... and some of the folks I follow on Instagram make it look so delishious

I found a few recipe's,,, maybe tomorrow?? 

Kale salad was almost gone, so I threw in some grape tomatoes 

Greek yogurt with PB2, chia seeds, Splenda and a splash of unsweetened almond milk 

gotta keep dem bones strong!! 

Asian salad and chicken 

I have been buying the bagged salads from Smart and Final  the Kale salad and the Asian salad... easy on the dressing... only about 1/4-1/2 of the amount ... they are just so danged easy and tasty!!! 

I killed my workout today 
20 minutes cardio this morning and another 50 tonight followed by training for half hour... sweaty Betty 

feels good 

see ya tomorrow 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday recoup

I had a shake this morning, I added it to my coffee 

Kale salad, 3 oz chicken 

Greek yogurt and blueberries 

more salad and chicken 

NO!!! I did not even touch this!! but this is what I am faced with daily... I share an office 

and this.... Nope, none for me 

I didn't eat my last meal I fixed, ... my stomach was a bit unsettled tonight...

But I needed something!!! 

tomorrow I am off!!!! Yowsa!! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Preparation is key!

 I am away from the house for 12 hours a day. 10 hour work days and a two hour commute.... so preparation is KEY!! 

I ate this before I left the house... My oats and protein 

tuna, onions and tapenade 

Greek yogurt, Chia seeds, Splenda, vanilla and a splash of coconut milk. I add coconut milk because the chia seeds thicken the yogurt so the coconut milk makes it more yogurty


3 oz brown rice, 3 oz turkey loaf, broccoli and carrots and some Walden Farms BBQ sauce 

Asian salad. I went easy on the dressing, and 3 oz chicken 

When I got home I enjoyed this ENTIRE pint of yumminess!!! only 150 calories .... weeeeeeee

see yall tomorrow 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


morning usually starts with a quarter cup dry measure oats, chia seeds a serving of flax meal add to that a scoop of protein and a few Splenda's  

egg white omelette with onions and mushrooms, strawberries 

8 ozs spagetti squash and 3 oz turkey loaf with wing sauce AND my gallon of water... yep I drank it all today!! 

yummo!! Grapefruit 

Greek yogurt, blackberries, chia seeds and a splash of coconut milk and a few Splenda's 

I made pot roast for the family... I just ate some of the carrots, onions and mushrooms 

I worked out tonight, my trainer gave me crap for these two Gin-Gins's 
really!!! 40 calories... Come on now!! 

came home and had some egg whites

all done for today 

Back in business!!!

So I woke up sandwiched between Izzy and Jack 

and I noticed now my phone won't charge!!! I have to rubber band the charger to put tension on the cord so it will charge... forget this!!! time for a new phone 

woo hoo a new Iphone 4S!!! 

Tuesday I went to Whole Whole Paycheck and got this cool bread


looks amazing!!? right

even better I added some Nutzo, I was super careful and weighed it on the scale to only get One tablespoon 

the Nutzo was delish... the bread... err not so much 

broccoli, 3 oz brown rice, 3 oz chicken with Walden Farms BBQ sauce 

Asian salad, easy on the dressing and 3 oz chicken  

the Grapefruit was OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! 
I took the Quest bar, but I was feeling guilty, I need to be eating simple foods, and getting my protein from chicken, turkey or fish .... so I gave it to one of my checkers... she liked it .... duh 

I got this instead of the Quest bar, the chicken was a 6 oz container, so I had half ... easy peasy 

Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Splenda and blackberries 

and of course I journal, otherwise I eat too much. Writing it down helps me 

boom!! good day!! ate good, got in a half hour of cardio, drank a gallon of water 


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