Tuesday, January 31, 2012

yesterday minus and plus equals today

yesterdays food


2012-01-30 04.08.42


2012-01-31 06.05.142012-01-31 06.05.23

and some extra vegetables, I did add some margarine to the last bit of veggies

no cardio this morning Eye rolling smile

but I got in a 40 minute work out tonight, a quickie Winking smile

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

Monday, January 30, 2012

Post # 892

2012-01-30 03.49.132012-01-30 03.49.232012-01-30 03.49.342012-01-30 03.49.452012-01-30 04.08.282012-01-30 04.08.42

no cardio today, I was rushed this morning Sad smile 

  • Shake, I didn’t add the peanut butter this time, there wasn’t enough of a peanut butter taste yesterday to warrant the calories
  • 3 ounces of tuna made with onions, celery and green olive and light Newman's balsamic dressing (thinned) as a dressing … I make my dressing half of the Newman's and half plain ole balsamic vinegar
  • PB2 Fage Greek yogurt with a few packets of Splenda
  • turkey meatball with cabbage
  • turkey meatball with bake veggies

I nibbled on a few of my hubbies oven French fries… couldn’t have been more than 6 and I had some crispy kale …. I also took a picture of my daily water, I drink it with Crystal Light.Three liters of H2O a day Flirt male

I have more brussel sprouts in the oven…

well folks ….. nighty night Open-mouthed smile

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Be accountable post

2012-01-29 04.53.152012-01-29 04.53.322012-01-29 04.53.522012-01-29 04.54.072012-01-29 04.54.38

  • creamer/crystal light
  • PB2 Fage
  • Turkey meatball & 1 cup cabbage
  • Turkey meatball & 1 cup baked vegetables
  • 3 egg whites
  • shake
  • 100 calorie popcorn
  • treadmill 20 minutes
  • 3 liter water

I feel REALLY good about todays food choices, how was your day?

later blogger buds

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Good Day

well I was feeling crappy this morning Steaming mad

not loving weight loss, so what did I do? gym, cooking and stayed the course

 2012-01-28 05.51.452012-01-28 09.30.142012-01-28 12.46.16I made brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, turkey muffins2012-01-28 13.57.202012-01-28 13.58.072012-01-28 16.11.40and baked vegetables, I left the squash and potatoes out of it this time Smile with tongue out oh and tuna

The turkey meat balls turned out to be just 68 calories each!!! score Open-mouthed smile 

I bought the ground turkey breast, the leanest you can buy and they are delish!! even the hubs like them … and he does not eat like me … at all!!!

so I think I will take a bit of a scale break (just for a day or two) and let these gorgeous veggies work their thinning magic … lol Winking smile

so back to thee ole grind stone tomorrow, but at least I am back in my own store … weeeeeee

later guys

Bummed out this morning

I think the winter squash may be the evil in my diet that is keeping me in the high 30's

I had it yesterday... And there were potatoes in the oven vegetables

This sucks!!!

I am NOT loving weight management at this very moment and want to just say to heck with it and go crazy.... Not a good feeling first thing on a Saturday morning

I think I need to go back and do what I know works... Salads, less starch based baked vegetables, less popcorn


Friday, January 27, 2012

Confused…. obviously!!

So I get up this morning…

no treadmill, my back is killing me!! I pulled a muscle and I have been treating it with heat, and after sleeping all night… ouch! Crying face

So I am ready to leave… hummmm … something is wrong… duh!!! I am ready 30 minutes early Confused smile No more downtown Los Angeles store, I don’t have to fight that 405 freeway… so what do I do? blog of course Laughing out loud

todays plan: 2012-01-27 04.12.332012-01-27 04.17.312012-01-27 04.17.432012-01-27 04.17.522012-01-27 04.18.06

  • 4 egg whites for breakfast with a shake of Parmesan cheese
  • 1 lime protein bar
  • coffee creamer/Crystal light (I count this as 3 points every day)
  • Fage with PB2 and Splenda
  • 4 egg whites
  • turkey rice bowl with green beans and a bit of yam, sesame seeds and  Sriracha sauce
  • oven veggies, and turkey. I will add some Light Paul Newman dressing to this (thinned out with balsamic vinegar)

So that’s the plan. I will check in tonight and see if I stick to this 100%

off to fold clothes Smile with tongue out 

later guys

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Honesty saved my butt today

2012-01-26 05.05.49Protein pancake, delish!! 4 egg whites a quarter cup of oatmeal, a spoon full of non fat cottage cheese, whip into a batter… delish!

2012-01-26 07.25.36stupid Almonds… I didn’t eat any, but I knew they would have gotten to me, so I put them out on the wall for the birds

2012-01-26 09.45.292012-01-26 11.14.152 turkey meatballs and cabbage… with margarine… honest honest!! and a lime protein bar… weird they are 70 calories each.. and according to my WWer calculator one bar equals one point, now 2 bars?? well that equals 4 points??!! … I had one

2012-01-26 12.11.07Krispy Kale 2012-01-26 12.14.41oven veggies, with brussel sprouts, margarine and some Parmesan cheese 2012-01-26 14.02.56Fage 2012-01-26 17.33.47

now here is where you guys saved my butt!! I was ready to eat these cheesey potatoes, but I thought…. I have to tell on myself… awe crap!!! I did nibble on some of the fried cheese that stuck to the tin foil though

and I am going to have some popcorn

Hey this 100% honesty thing is working!!! Oh and I had a 90 calorie Coffee Bean also… and a kick butt workout!! 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes with the trainer… I was exhausted!!!

later taters….taters… get it Winking smile tee hee

omg what a dork I am Smile with tongue out

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


2012-01-25 03.54.05

2012-01-25 03.54.14

Lime protein bars

2012-01-25 03.54.252012-01-25 03.54.34

So lap band girl posted a blog entry that got me thinking am I 100% honest with you folks??? …. ehhh no, I am not

example yesterday I put margarine on my vegetables, I also had some almonds, 2 saltines with peanut butter and a late night popcorn … but I don’t go off the radar like crazy with fast food, or anything like that

so for the most part …. say 90% of the time I am real with my posts. Today I had my oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast …

my cheats: at the meeting I had 2 cups of coffee with full fat Carnation  Crème Brule Creamer, 1 M&M (yes only 1!!!) one Hershey kiss and a few walnuts… oh and I took berries off the breakfast buffet and added them to my yogurt

so do you hate me? am I a liar liar pants on fire scoundrel?


For those of you that asked here is the link to my Lime bar recipe, I got it out of Muscle and Fitness…. amazing Open-mouthed smile 

I feel better I confessed! lol

oh and I may have a popcorn tonight …. 100 calorie bag …. just to be real

blogger buds … you keep me honest ((((( hugs)))))

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