Sunday, January 8, 2012

Challenge update and week 2 goals

Week one had it's ups and downs

i maintained, which is okay by me ... i did come to realize I have been too strict with my food choices, I need to mix things up a bit. I think I am getting bored

Week 2 Goals

- understand I AM going to eat a night, and plan according
- be kind and patient with myself
- track
- get on the treadmill, EVERY morning

Week 2 here we come :)


  1. Great goals.... I especially can relate to being ready to eat at night. Have a great week.... What do you wan a mix up in terms of food.

  2. Great goals for the week :) Good luck with week 2!!!

  3. Good goals for the week, the treadmill wants to spend more time with you so I bet it is all smiles. Indeed mix up the routines to prevent boredom; a must for me too!

  4. My favorite goal of yours is the be kind and patient to yourself! I need to do that too!

  5. Being kind and patient with yourself, that is a fantastic goal - very inspirational :D

  6. If you are going to eat at night, just make sure it is a sensible eat - not something I'm in the habit of doing - chips... Hence my goal of not eating after 7:00 p.m.. It is one I have a difficult time with but I've got to stop it completely for now and if I should choose to add healthy stuff in later (after 7), then I will do so!
    Love the patient and kind to yourself motto - everyone should have that goal!
    Have a fantastic week!

  7. It's good to figure out a way to make things work for you:-) Plan accordinally is key... you'll do just fine I'm sure.

  8. Great goals. I think we all should be kinder to ourselves.

  9. patience is something I think a lot of us need to get back in touch with. Awesome goals, heres to a great week!


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