Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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Lime protein bars

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So lap band girl posted a blog entry that got me thinking am I 100% honest with you folks??? …. ehhh no, I am not

example yesterday I put margarine on my vegetables, I also had some almonds, 2 saltines with peanut butter and a late night popcorn … but I don’t go off the radar like crazy with fast food, or anything like that

so for the most part …. say 90% of the time I am real with my posts. Today I had my oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast …

my cheats: at the meeting I had 2 cups of coffee with full fat Carnation  Crème Brule Creamer, 1 M&M (yes only 1!!!) one Hershey kiss and a few walnuts… oh and I took berries off the breakfast buffet and added them to my yogurt

so do you hate me? am I a liar liar pants on fire scoundrel?


For those of you that asked here is the link to my Lime bar recipe, I got it out of Muscle and Fitness…. amazing Open-mouthed smile 

I feel better I confessed! lol

oh and I may have a popcorn tonight …. 100 calorie bag …. just to be real

blogger buds … you keep me honest ((((( hugs)))))


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  2. I like your honesty :)

    Can't wait to try that recipe. Yum!

  3. I don't talk a lot about what I eat on my blog partly because I don't want any comments good or bad. Just call me cowardly I guess. I used to get comments at work such as "Are you allowed to eat that?" Goodness! Weight Watchers doesn't tell us what to eat but they do give us good health guidelines. You are braver than me posting pictures of what you eat. :)


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