Thursday, January 26, 2012

Honesty saved my butt today

2012-01-26 05.05.49Protein pancake, delish!! 4 egg whites a quarter cup of oatmeal, a spoon full of non fat cottage cheese, whip into a batter… delish!

2012-01-26 07.25.36stupid Almonds… I didn’t eat any, but I knew they would have gotten to me, so I put them out on the wall for the birds

2012-01-26 09.45.292012-01-26 11.14.152 turkey meatballs and cabbage… with margarine… honest honest!! and a lime protein bar… weird they are 70 calories each.. and according to my WWer calculator one bar equals one point, now 2 bars?? well that equals 4 points??!! … I had one

2012-01-26 12.11.07Krispy Kale 2012-01-26 12.14.41oven veggies, with brussel sprouts, margarine and some Parmesan cheese 2012-01-26 14.02.56Fage 2012-01-26 17.33.47

now here is where you guys saved my butt!! I was ready to eat these cheesey potatoes, but I thought…. I have to tell on myself… awe crap!!! I did nibble on some of the fried cheese that stuck to the tin foil though

and I am going to have some popcorn

Hey this 100% honesty thing is working!!! Oh and I had a 90 calorie Coffee Bean also… and a kick butt workout!! 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes with the trainer… I was exhausted!!!

later taters….taters… get it Winking smile tee hee

omg what a dork I am Smile with tongue out


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