Monday, January 9, 2012


Good thing I am a planner!!

setting up for the 4:30 AM food prep … humm coffee and a Lime protein bar

2012-01-09 04.27.38

then out came all the prepared food

2012-01-09 04.28.202012-01-09 04.28.272012-01-09 04.28.362012-01-09 04.28.49

2012-01-09 04.36.112012-01-09 04.36.22

green beans, acorn squash, salad, broccoli, stuffed spaghetti squash and I made up a bunch of tiny containers with 3 ounce’s of turkey…they are very convenient!!  and protein pudding (the blue container under the carrot and lime bar’s)

then a carrot bar… no egg’s and oatmeal this morning!!! Shocker!!!

2012-01-09 04.36.03

the days food:

2012-01-09 04.50.26

all set for the day Open-mouthed smile 

2012-01-09 04.58.43

good danged thing! I had a Monday for the history books! Left my house this morning at 6AM, home tonight at 7:30… man oh man am I a tired puppy! Crying face

I got home and had some Fage with PB2, just a coffee cup serving amount. When I was bigger I used to do that, eat ice cream out of coffee cups, I guess I figured if it didn’t go into a bowl, it was such a small serving that it didn’t count… but back then I would refill and refill and refill the coffee cup… lol …… A big Karla flashback Confused smile

well Ladies and Gentlemen, this gal is pooped!!! nighty night


  1. Wow... You are awesome & I need to get more like you. I like how organized you are.

  2. No eggs???? No oats????? WHA!!!!!!!! Just kidding :)

  3. Wooooow! You are super organizes! I am getting inspired, and have some ideas for my fridge.. I'm seeing a lot of boxes and containers in my future :D

  4. That is a LONG day!!! No wonder you are exhausted! oh yes... eating out of the coffee cup... I know that"trick" well...
    Have a pretty day!

  5. Lime bar, carrot bar... do you make those yourself? If so, I'd be interested in your recipes for snack bars.

  6. Love the freezer shot. Sign of an organized mind!
    That's what they say.. at any rate!

  7. We're missing our daily report. :( Hope all is well.

  8. Hey there! How's is going?? If you want email me. "hugs"


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