Sunday, January 8, 2012

New recipe

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we made Key Line Protein squares, run out and buy the new Muscle and Fitness Her magazine, OMG sooooooo good!!! a keeper for sure Open-mouthed smile 

  • egg whites and a waffle, I am mixing things up Smile with tongue out 
  • salad with egg whites, on lettuce. This is different for me I usually use cold green beans
  • Fage with PB2
  • Carrot cake bake and a Key lime bar
  • Protein pudding
  • coffee and another Key lime bar for the drive to work
  • some of hubbys evil popcorn

so I didn’t do perfect, but I did okay Smile  We made some different baked vegetables and they are in the oven, we are trying cauliflower… the asparagus looked icky Disappointed smile

good night blogger buddies see ya  Winking smile

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  1. Sounds like a good day! I was never one for asparagus either!


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