Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New things and old things

2012-01-24 05.30.34breakfast was 4 egg whites and some baked oatmeal

2012-01-24 09.37.06I didn’t go straight home after the gym, I had an appointment so I got a coffee and a cheese stick from 7-112012-01-24 11.06.22

Lime protein bars

2012-01-24 12.06.39

baked crispy kale…. OMG!!!! this was amazing, a keeper for sure 2012-01-24 13.00.22


2012-01-24 13.14.39

oven roasted vegetables

2012-01-24 15.13.50

powercakes ….???…. eeeh not so much Disappointed smile but the protein frosting is a keeper.. maybe if I play with the recipe, I need to go back and re read her blog, maybe I did something wrong??? it was like quiche, a weird texture

I am sooooo not hungry now … my MIL is down for dinner… hummm maybe some broccoli

later blogger buds 139.2


  1. Those lime protein bars look intriguing...What's the recipe?

  2. When I first looked at that bowl of cabbage I thought it was a bowl of egg noodles with cheese/butter (my old fave).

    Yes, recipe please on the lime protein bars...thanks!

  3. Yeah I agree with Alissa, the protein bars look delicious!


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