Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not sure, lets do the math

did I stay within my points today? I am not sure … lets see 2012-01-03 06.07.524 egg whites and baked oatmeal = 4

2012-01-03 10.16.48 egg white omelet with jalapenos, onions and half a portion of soy chorizo with plain grits = 8

2012-01-03 13.38.00protein pudding = 2

2012-01-03 13.44.32  almonds = 22012-01-03 14.22.51 carrots = 02012-01-03 14.42.57 vegetable soup with turkey = 42012-01-03 17.59.47 vegetables = 0

not pictures coffee creamer and a few bits of cheese = 4

that comes to 24 points, a few over but all in all not to bad, I went to the gym this morning and had a killer workout Open-mouthed smile 

I didn’t get my water in Sad smile when I am off I tend to drink more diet soda

see ya mañana blogger buds


  1. Great job Karla!! I did No Soda September Challenge where I cut out all diet soda...and wow did I see a drop in my weight. It's crazy how cutting back on it truly makes a difference. You did awesome and you did earn activity points working out! Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm back on a no soda kick as well...We'll see how long it lasts. I did 2 months (no soda September and still no soda October) And I loved it. Now I have the diet pepsi monkey on my back again

  3. Soda, was a HUGE problem for me, I drank it nearly everyday, I'm now only drinking it every so often, Once- twice a month, It's hard to lay off it but its possible!!

  4. Good job on the food, it looks lovely :)

  5. Looks like some good eating going on here. Looks like we should expect a shortage on egg whites soon as it seems every blogger is eating them 2-3x a day. Need More Chickens!

  6. I never have diet soda.... most green tea! And it's not bad!

  7. Hi Karla, looks like you had a successful healthy eating day to me.

  8. Looks like a great day to me. is the protein pudding homemade...? I would love more info...


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