Friday, January 6, 2012

Omg... Stop!!!

Came home

Trail mix
Sesame sticks
Ice cream

Feeling: shame, fear, regret, confusion, fear



  1. Yikes.

    Tomorrow is another day.

    Start fresh.

    You can do it :)

  2. Popcorn almonds and trail mix are all GREAT snacks. I don't know what sesame sticks are. It may have been more than you'd wanted but the majority is really high quality foods so keep calm, carry on and don't stress! Accidents happen and you can use them to make you stronger!! Best wishes xx

    - DS

  3. Don't beat yourself up about this. When we fall, we get back up and continue the journey. Just think about all the better choices you will make on the 7th.

  4. Which came first.... the fear or the food?
    For me - it's hard to tell sometimes!
    Deep Breath..... Carry On!

  5. I can't have trail mix in the house. I could eat one of those $5 bags from Walmart by myself. Yes, it would make me sick but I would not learn my lesson. I had to throw popcorn in the trash this week. I do wish this was easier sometimes. :(

  6. Tomorrow is another day. Chillax. Breathe. Start again as soon as possible.

    Eating is a part of life (sadly) and there will be days when you eat stuff you didn't want to.

    It's all good as long as you keep on truckin'. ;)


  7. Great advise in the above comments!
    I say take a deep breath, go grab a HUGE glass of water and carry on :)

  8. IT's okay We all have slip ups, Tomorrow is a new day, better yet, Your NEXT meal is a NEW MEAL :) A new meal to make Healthier choices then last! You got this hun!


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