Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We are doing this thing here :)

2012-01-18 04.40.532012-01-18 04.57.26

  • 5 egg whites and a quarter cup of oatmeal
  • Fage with vanilla, cinnamon and Splenda
  • salad with egg whites
  • salad with chicken chili … it was like a warm taco salad
  • squash and green beans
  • baked oven veggies (not shown)
  • 2 protein bars

I feel better back in control, the veggies make me feel bloated, but I know it is all the fiber… I use Paul Newman's light balsamic dressing, I thin it so it is half dressing and half straight balsamic vinegar… reduces the calories, every tiny bit helps!

off day tomorrow… Halleluiah!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger pals 


  1. The salads sound great! I like to make a simple 3-ingredient salad consisting of only roma tomatoes, red bell peppers, and sliced avocados. I probably would skip the dressing, and maybe use a little plain Greek yogurt instead.

  2. Glad you've got your moho back!
    Enjoy your day off tomorrow.

  3. I always find it odd seeing other peoples food but it makes me want to try lots of new things, so ta :D
    Enjoy your day off!

  4. Phew! Glad you're feeling back in control. Nothing feels worse than not being in control (I hate the holidays now. LOL!). Happy back on track!

    Have a great one and enjoy the day off. :)


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