Sunday, January 1, 2012

What are your 2012 plans?


Do you have any BIG resolutions??

I have a to do list, I do really well with lists. On my day off I will make myself a to do list and it helps me to work my way through my chores.

So here goes my 2012 to do list:

  • Go to Hawaii ….we are going in early May, when I found out I started crying Crying face I still am freaking out
  • Maintain my weight I know how to do this. this last year has proven this to myself. It is a full time job, but it it worth it :)
  • Try running I don't want to make this crazy goal, err "run the Los Angeles marathon" but just try running ... I did the 5k in November and I really LOVED it Open-mouthed smile so I am going to go out and try running. Baby steps work best for me
  • Eat clean . now this one I am okay at... until I go crazy in the Sesame sticks and Beer nut mix .... Steaming mad Ahhhhh last night .... Boo ... but what about my Crystal Light and SF coffee creamer... Ah no way!!! I am not giving those up!! fruits (limited) vegetables, protein, easy on the gluten
  • Exercise... Okay confession time... Embarrassed smile I have a trainer twice a week...... He is amazing! having someone to push you is worth every cent .. So my goal is twice with the trainer and 3-4 times a week of cardio, which makes one or two rest days
  • Smile moreOpen-mouthed smile… I can be a pretty intense person, or so I have been told
  • Commit more random acts of kindness,  I really believe you get what you put out.

I think this is all reasonable. My weight this morning was 139.6. Tomorrow starts the challenge. Smile yeah this will help me stay on track. Have a wonderful New Years


  1. Love your Goals, they are all really reasonable and i have no doubt you can do this! :) Hawaii would be lovely, I'll just come in your suite case :) First I need to get over my fear of flying lmfao.

  2. Oh my, going to Hawaii would be fantastic! I like your goals, especially about smiling more :D

  3. We are close in weight but I'm pretty sure you are way taller because you look so tiny and I'm pretty curvy at 138.5 and 5'3" tall. Your goals are great. Happy New Year!

  4. All sounds reasonable and wonderful!

    Happy New Year!

    Moved my blog to>

  5. We are really close in weight. A trainer would get me those last 8 or 10 lbs lost. I just know it would. But...I live waaay out in the country and too far away to travel to a gym. I'll just have to do it on my own. ;-)

  6. Love your goals Karla. Have a happy, healthy and loving 2012. Love your blog, look forward to reading more as the years goes on.

  7. nice list my friend! :) how do you get those smilies in your posts?

  8. My goodness - smile more!
    That'll be great on vacation!

  9. Those are some good goals. Happy New Year

  10. Love your list. I need to do more lists. Smiling more is a good thing :)

    Just the other day I was thinking that I need to do a random act of kindness each week. Hmm, great minds...

    I hope you have a happy, healthy year - full of good things for you, Karla.

  11. I love the way your blog is evolving - very inspirational

    my wise....
    eat cleaner and conquer my "night eating" once and for all
    go gluten free
    move more (I'm leaving this one open to further definition since I really don't like to exercise.)


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