Monday, February 27, 2012

Good exchange?

I had breakfast of my usual, quarter cup of oatmeal and some egg whites, the rest in 2012-02-27 04.47.39no particular order:

turkey meat ball with broccoli, spaghetti squash and thinned dressing

2012-02-27 04.48.10baked vegetables, NF cottage cheese and thinned dressing

2012-02-27 04.48.38 I had a turkey roll up/burrito with cucumber and jicama

2012-02-27 04.48.50and later some Fage 2012-02-27 04.49.062012-02-27 04.50.27These tortilla’s are the bomb!! low in calories, high fiber and even have protein! wowsa Open-mouthed smile 2012-02-27 04.50.422012-02-27 04.51.14this is what I buy to make my thinned salad dressing, I mix the two of them

2012-02-27 09.11.51I did have a plan for a protein shake, but had about 10 M&M’s instead…. I gave the rest to my bookkeeper… I buy the entire freaking bag for about $3 ….have 10 and give the rest away… expensive tiny treat!!

and a Fiber one brownie, and a bowl of cooked cabbage… I love cooked cabbage… am I weird?

I got in my treadmill this morning, I have been really good about that lately Smile … I think maybe another maintain day??

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Maintaining day

2012-02-26 04.36.51Fage and 2 oranges2012-02-26 04.37.27squash, broccoli & turkey meatballs2012-02-26 04.38.02 brussel sprouts2012-02-26 04.38.31I have been using this light margarine2012-02-26 04.38.43 cabbage and 3 ounces of turkey2012-02-26 05.13.48 great start to the day Smile 2012-02-26 07.48.08 how could I resist? 2012-02-26 17.30.33 This is ALL the M&M’s I had, they are coconut flavored!!! OMG!! yummo! I gave the rest to the cashiers… oh and I had a nectarine also

I wore a size 4 to work today!! Yowsa! well ladies and germs Smile with tongue out I have turkey meatballs in the oven… gonna go watch Grimm on the DVR and just chill 

nighty night Nerd smile

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let me clarify

2012-02-25 05.57.02 5 egg whites and oatmeal

l2012-02-25 07.40.182012-02-25 10.08.482012-02-25 11.12.13 NF cottage cheese, light balsamic dressing thinned and green beans 2012-02-25 13.45.49 carrots, jicama and cucumber.. (the specks are broccoli)2012-02-25 14.36.45 broccoli, spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs 2012-02-25 15.38.40 cooked cabbage

I also munched on some yams and brussel sprouts

I have to cook to be ready for work, I should have cooked more turkey meatballs (maybe tomorrow??) I always try to have a protein with my veggies, but when I cook all my veggies, I tend to go overboard on the vegetables… makes sense

Clarification: I know what you mean about muscle weight vs fat weight… Muscle is denser than fat, and I know intellectually that it is ok for me to weigh more because I am more fit, and my clothes all fit just fine… but emotionally it is hard seeing the bigger number … even if it is only a few pounds. Which is why I am going to try to use the scale less often … I need it to keep me from lying to myself after a candy and Dorito binge, but when things are clicking and the scale is not friendly and my clothes are loose… I get bummed out 

why does the scale have that power? stupid little danged machine!!

so later taters Smile with tongue out

Countdown to conference

I have 19 days until my management conference, I am not looking to lose any weight really, just to feel better about myself, so yesterday was day #1

I related to Suzi’s post, and her feelings… about not making it more than 3 days… so I am counting days. I have gained about 3-5 pounds and that conversation about muscle weighing more than fat …. well Sis I am stealing your links Smile

so I know the number I want to see 137… but I am going to TRY not weighing myself until after the conference and just concentrate on healthy choices

I have this on my desk at work

2012-02-24 17.07.19

I did have half of a banana yesterday. I never eat banana’s… it was yummo Smile 

and on my Co Manager’s desk

2012-02-24 17.07.02

Open-mouthed smile

so my co workers are helping me… Thank you Omar Winking smile (he never reads my blog!!)

see ya tonight with food pictures

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Total WW’ers

Total points 21 minus an activity point = 20 points

breakfast was egg white omelet and a quarter cup of oatmeal

food for the days is packed

2012-02-22 04.54.58

I pulled out of the freezer for a few things

2012-02-22 09.17.41 turkey wrap 2012-02-22 12.07.17Fage with thawed berries… looks weird Smile with tongue out but it was yummo Smile 

2012-02-22 13.15.35 chicken chili 2012-02-22 14.09.33

someone bought these… not me!!! but I did have one Winking smile2012-02-22 16.13.09 veggie burger and broccoli with some balsamic thinned dressing and a shake of Parmesan

I feel so much better now Open-mouthed smile 

I am tired tonight, see ya tomorrow

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


why are some days just easier than others? Weird?

I think maybe it’s about when I make a decision. For me that’s it!

This morning as I am lying in bed, dreading the scale (143) I was thinking, when did all this struggling start? Several months now. Back when I started training with my trainer, I started counting grams of protein. Why? am I going to compete in some sort of fitness contest? …. ahhh no!!! So Weight Watchers worked for me in losing 65 pounds, so I am back to it….100% no “tweeking” no nuthin!! straight up Weight Watchers

if my muscle weighs more than my fat, cool… I will be leaner now, but I want to see 137 on that scale again and, I am going to!!!

2012-02-21 07.17.32 Bagel thin with NF cottage 2012-02-21 10.06.38 salad with thinned dressing2012-02-21 12.25.40 brussel sprouts 2012-02-21 15.37.57 2012-02-21 17.05.39 baked vegetables and 2 turkey meatballs

I also had some 100 calorie popcorn and a bite of the taco casserole I made for the family

cardio and circuit training so doing all the math I used 4 points of my weekly 35

good day Smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger pals

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