Monday, February 13, 2012

1274 calories

I had to tweek my calories a bit, 1534 was way too many! 2012-02-13 05.02.092012-02-13 05.13.382012-02-13 06.22.152012-02-13 18.43.33

  • egg whites and oatmeal
  • protein bar
  • Fage with PB2
  • 2 Jamie Eason turkey meat balls and cabbage
  • egg whites
  • mixed veggies with Parmesan and light dressing
  • popcorn

I didn’t get any cardio in this morning, I overslept by 20 minutes … Frist day back from vacation and of course I want to sleep Smile with tongue out 

see ya tomorrow blogger pals

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  1. Went out and got a little book... now every time I write my food in it... I think about YOU!!!
    Happy Valentines Day!


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