Saturday, February 25, 2012

Countdown to conference

I have 19 days until my management conference, I am not looking to lose any weight really, just to feel better about myself, so yesterday was day #1

I related to Suzi’s post, and her feelings… about not making it more than 3 days… so I am counting days. I have gained about 3-5 pounds and that conversation about muscle weighing more than fat …. well Sis I am stealing your links Smile

so I know the number I want to see 137… but I am going to TRY not weighing myself until after the conference and just concentrate on healthy choices

I have this on my desk at work

2012-02-24 17.07.19

I did have half of a banana yesterday. I never eat banana’s… it was yummo Smile 

and on my Co Manager’s desk

2012-02-24 17.07.02

Open-mouthed smile

so my co workers are helping me… Thank you Omar Winking smile (he never reads my blog!!)

see ya tonight with food pictures


  1. That's good when co-workers pitch in to help!
    Also... maybe try a protein snack everynow and then...
    they keep ya fuller - longer!

  2. OH- and about the linkage...
    A pound IS a pound IS a pound... yes...
    But when we met a year ago- I was 140 - 145.
    Now add 15 pounds to that... yes...
    AND the same clothes are falling off me!
    Something to think about -
    And file under the "don't worry" department!

  3. It's me again... being a comment fiend!
    Just to clarify.... 7 or 8 pounds of that was my crappy cheap scale....
    Being out of whack with the rest of the world....
    So I gained 7 pounds in 30 seconds... when I switched!


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