Sunday, February 19, 2012

A day in the life of a grocery store manager

a few of my pictures are blurry today Sad smile sorry rough day

I started with oatmeal and egg whites (no picture)

2012-02-19 04.34.00Fage with cinnamon, Splenda and vanilla

2012-02-19 04.34.12blurry salad with cottage cheese2012-02-19 04.34.21 baked veggies 2012-02-19 04.34.29melon 2012-02-19 04.34.382012-02-19 04.34.51  pumpkin protein bar and thee cutest dog in town Smile 

2012-02-19 06.56.51 My water, and an iced latte and my lunch bag Smile with tongue out 

2012-02-19 09.17.13 this STUPID stuff was left over from the other day, one of the cashiers was nice enough to take it home… I did have some of the almonds, about 10 of them.. 

I kept taking the yogurt pretzels, throwing them away

then I put them in a paper towel …. NO!!!

I dumped them back in the container… I was strong

then then then Angry smile we reached a safety goal so there was a celebration, they wanted pizza… OMG are you serious!!?? every time I had to go up to the offices…. pizza… computer room… pizza….. office… pizza

so I opened the pizza box…. no one was around… I picked off the onions, mushrooms and peppers off of a piece… then threw the slice away

another trip to the office….. no on was around… I took a piece, bit into it, chewed it…. and spit it out…  it did not taste good … the smell of the pizza was way better than the actual pizza

so I am all proud of myself …. I got this beat…. yeah me!!! Open-mouthed smile 

soooooo after work I had to buy make up remover wipes …. where do I find myself going??? the stinking produce department towards that dreaded rack where the yogurt pretzels are!!!!…. I came to my senses…

I spun around and went and bought my wipes and left… that was a close call!!! Confused smile

 2012-02-19 18.45.35

when I got home, I had a 100 calorie popcorn

I maybe went over in my calories by about 250 or so, but in my book… I won!!!! big time!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. Those yogurt pretzels are just as addictive to me as a candy bar. The combo of salty and sweet is dangerous and I, like you, have to walk away from those and never buy them!

  2. I agree about the smell being better than the taste. It's the same with a lot of the bakery items. They look so good and I'll have a taste of the piece of cake my daughter bought and it won't be nearly as good as I thought it would be. You did great and yes, you are a winner.

  3. Ohh, I like the look of those yoghurt pretzels.. I think I'm glad we don't have them here! :p

  4. Jack looks like he is looking for Mommy to drop something on the floor for him to scarf up!
    Melons in SoCal.... yum!

  5. Your food pics look awesome!! You post made me chuckle - I am have also totally taken bites of things and then spit it out! And those yogurt pretzels are hard to resist. I actually just threw a container away last week! Too tempting for me. Congrats on a job well done!!


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