Thursday, February 16, 2012

irritated and accountable

I had a meeting today, so I started off with my new love Red heart

2012-02-16 05.00.52

protein drink made with milk 

then I took Fage with PB2 to the meeting and some baked vegetables with cottage cheese and light thinned dressing. There!!! all three dairy servings Bing, bang boom!!! Open-mouthed smile 

good thing I was prepared, because the spread was beautiful. Smile Yes, there was fruit … and I had some

2012-02-16 06.47.422012-02-16 06.49.19

but there were coffee cake Danish's and nuts..YUMMO!!! and muffins, YIKES!! so I figured one bowl of fruit was good

I was sitting next to someone that was Mr Munchie

2012-02-16 08.07.56

he was snacking the entire meeting, snack mix and candy… how is that fair… ahhh life isn’t fair Annoyed get over it Karla and move on

I did take a homemade pumpkin protein bar which helped as they are soooo filling

dinner and some evening cardio

2012-02-16 17.21.562012-02-16 17.24.33

so my title -----> annoyed -----> I follow a face book group, which I love love love Red heartRed heartRed heart BUT there was a post on their wall the other day that said “Question of the Day: Do you know how much you weigh and/or do you care at all about the numbers?” I was instantly pissed!!! Angry smile

really??!! this just seemed like the typical thing for someone skinny to post…. then of course I thought it through and my trainer is always telling my daughter to go by her clothes (note…. he doesn’t tell me this!!!… is that good or bad?)

whatever…. but of freaking course I know how much I weigh!!! when you are obese and have been for the better part of your entire life, you know how much you weigh!!! …. If I didn’t weigh myself I would be someone that gains ALL the weight back… I know myself, the scale can be a devil Devil but it keeps me on track, it is a tool… not the absolute truth… it does lie on occasion. So to keep me accountable I am going to start recording my weight weekly again

accountability, I need it!!! maybe you don’t but I am a big fat liar (oh… Karla that handful of walnuts doesn’t count…. yeah RIGHT!!!) and being honest is too important to my weight maintenance

boy am I full of wind tonight or what!!! LOL

see ya tomorrow blogger pals Smile with tongue out


  1. I so agree about stepping on the scale. I believe 100% that is how I gained back my weight...maintenance is hard work and if I don't have a way to check in then I'm doomed.

  2. Those berries and fruits look amazing!

    I agree about the scale. I refuse to let it define me, but I still need it to keep me focused and in line!

  3. Everything counts... and everything is good!
    I've gained like 9 pounds of muscle...
    and it drives me cray cray cuz I'm not at my old goal!
    But smaller in size! *sigh*


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