Saturday, February 25, 2012

Let me clarify

2012-02-25 05.57.02 5 egg whites and oatmeal

l2012-02-25 07.40.182012-02-25 10.08.482012-02-25 11.12.13 NF cottage cheese, light balsamic dressing thinned and green beans 2012-02-25 13.45.49 carrots, jicama and cucumber.. (the specks are broccoli)2012-02-25 14.36.45 broccoli, spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs 2012-02-25 15.38.40 cooked cabbage

I also munched on some yams and brussel sprouts

I have to cook to be ready for work, I should have cooked more turkey meatballs (maybe tomorrow??) I always try to have a protein with my veggies, but when I cook all my veggies, I tend to go overboard on the vegetables… makes sense

Clarification: I know what you mean about muscle weight vs fat weight… Muscle is denser than fat, and I know intellectually that it is ok for me to weigh more because I am more fit, and my clothes all fit just fine… but emotionally it is hard seeing the bigger number … even if it is only a few pounds. Which is why I am going to try to use the scale less often … I need it to keep me from lying to myself after a candy and Dorito binge, but when things are clicking and the scale is not friendly and my clothes are loose… I get bummed out 

why does the scale have that power? stupid little danged machine!!

so later taters Smile with tongue out


  1. yes - I totally understand!
    I am going through the EXACT same thing!
    Numbers numbers numbers...
    Even if I won a contest I would still be thinking about the numbers.

  2. The scale is evil, isn't it?

  3. I'm also struggling with numbers. I'm back from vacation, but the vacation scale weighed 3 pounds heavier than mine. That did a number on my head, but I kept hopping on every day. Go figure...


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