Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maybe I am just not as planner!!

2012-02-09 07.48.46

so here was this mornings plan:

this is what I ate:

  • protein bar
  • veggies/turkey meatball
  • Fage
  • Veggies/turkey meatball
  • ginormous bowl of veggies; green beans and brussel sprouts
  • ?? maybe popcorn later tonight

I almost slipped with those almonds I bought the other day, but they made it successfully into the trash!!

2012-02-09 10.23.212012-02-09 11.16.482012-02-09 14.47.07 

I was busy today so I didn’t get every picture Smile with tongue out 

and I had an awesome workout this morning. It’s strange when I first started on this journey I was NOT going to go to a gym!! No way!! No how!! now it is one of the highlights of my week… funny how things change! I like feeling like I am not the “normal” 52 year old woman..

I kick some serious butt!!! BOO YA!!!

ok… spaz moment is over… you can come out from behind that chair…. Laughing out loudLaughing out loudLaughing out loud

later blogger buddies


  1. I love your plan and it is definitely working for you. The results show on you daily. I also think you are not an average 52yo...but that is a GREAT thing.

  2. :) I had no doubt that you'd come out of it fighting!!

  3. I get hungry every time I read your blog! :) All of your food looks soooo good AND healthy! :)


  4. How great that you feel great! I love that! :D


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