Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Net calories 1494

I think I may have a new breakfast!!

2012-02-15 05.13.57

soo thick and yummy!! and so so filling

2012-02-15 04.55.342012-02-15 04.55.462012-02-15 04.55.582012-02-15 05.02.43

I used the mini food processor and whipped my light thinned balsamic dressing with the cottage cheese to make a “dressing”… or brown goop for the broccoli, it tasted good… may look weird but whatever Smile with tongue out 

Fage with PB2, cabbage and Jamie Eason turkey meatballs and some baked veggies

when I got home I had a bag of 100 calorie popcorn and 2 fiber one brownies

I stopped and bought a frozen yogurt from the old place… bleach!! hack!! phewy!! major yuck!! Disappointed smile into the trash it went after one cautious bite!! then when I got home, I actually had my hand on the uber fat filled popcorn… the Movie theater kind (read extra greasy…) but I thought better of it Smile 

todays calories are a bit high, I would like them to be in the 1300’s but oh well…

::::Confused smile’:::: I need some more mojo…. anyone have any extra??

see ya tomorrow blogger folks Open-mouthed smile 


  1. Did they change your frozen yogurt or did your taste for it change? I've gotten more and more particular about frozen yogurt because of the cost. If I'm going to pay $4.50 for a small cup, I want it to taste FANTASTIC. I've written almost all of the yogurt places off except for one in Tucson that is 22 miles from our house. That's a good thing so I don't go so often. :)

  2. I'm also looking for some mojo, was hoping I'd find some here.. ;) Sorry you didn't like the frozen yoghurt, that's usually soooo good!

  3. Ok, Fage with peanut butter is next on my list - I've read about it twice this week! That topping on the broccoli looks interesting - glad you enjoyed it.

  4. LOVE the protein for brekkie!
    I make mine with coffee and it ROCKS!


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