Thursday, February 2, 2012

An old friend

oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast

2012-02-02 12.11.432012-02-02 12.28.252012-02-02 17.34.09

I wasn’t very hungry today, after yesterday that would make perfect sense!

I went and had an old favorite


I haven’t had a frozen yogurt in a long while Open-mouthed smile 

2012-02-02 18.17.43

and a bit of after dinner yummos

better day …. I hit the gym this morning and then did a second round of cardio this afternoon, I felt like I didn’t hit it hard enough this morning Smile with tongue out 

only one more work day and I am officially on vacation!! woo hoo!!

Kirk out


  1. Yummo.... it's seeing your frozen yogurts that made me want to have one every day. They're good! And avoiding the toppings keeps the calories down. :) Have fun on your vacation!!


  2. Great job on the double workouts! I am struggling with finding motivation to workout inside this winter...bleh!

  3. Good frozen yogurt is my favorite treat. Have a great weekend and a super great vacation. :)

  4. I was craving fro yo and here you had some!! How cool is that!

  5. Oh my god, frozen yoghurt...... yum!


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