Monday, February 6, 2012

Plan vs reality

so I wrote out todays plan this morning:

2012-02-06 09.46.36

I even put in the water times, grams of protein

so today kind of went like this:

2012-02-06 09.04.432012-02-06 11.17.402012-02-06 16.51.122012-02-06 16.51.442012-02-06 17.18.18

plus a Coffee bean iced coffee with SF vanilla powder, four carrots and 2 Fiber One brownies plus a bit of margarine in each of the vegetables. Not too bad of a day. I did my treadmill this morning, 150 crunches, 30 push ups, some bicep curls with the rubber bandie-thingy-ma-bob and I totally vegged out today

I can hear my hubby inside eating football cake…. Green with envy :::’sigh::::

oh well maybe in a parallel universe I can eat whatever I want and not be a big girl (can you tell I watched Sliders today on Netflix?)

well I am going to watch my 600 pound life on the DVR tonight…. did anyone watch it? good? bad? no comment?

well later blogger pals


  1. I bought some popcorn this weekend but haven't opened it yet. I have a question, Karla. What are your favorite spices for your roasted veggies? I'm not very adventurous and sometimes my veggies are kind of boring.

  2. I eat that popcorn All.The.Time. love popcorn!

  3. Hi Karla,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Best of luck with your plan. I enjoyed your progress photos. I will be back. I am now following your blog.

  4. I went out and got a cool book like yours.
    I use it everyday!

  5. Yes, I watched the show. I think it is very cool how they show her journey over 7+ years. Not just a "look she lost weight and show over" type of show. It shows the ups/downs/etc. Can't wait for this week's episode

  6. Your food always looks so good! Can you come cook for me? :)



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