Sunday, February 12, 2012

Real Chicks Getting Fit: Week 6 Review Week 7 Goals


Week 6 Review

  • How many goals did you reach? I have been maintaining BUT I have switched it to lose 5 pounds, so I have a new goal, back to WL mode Smile 
  • What are you most proud of? Never giving up… even when I want to
  • Do you have any words of advice? DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!! yes I am shouting Smile with tongue out 

Week 7 Goals

  • Are you keeping them the same...? no.. back to losing mode
  • Are you switching it up? yes, gone are the old WW’er points and now I am tracking calories and being mindful of protein, I am convinced that when I boost my protein, I am not hungry
  • What has become like a habit? whining to you guys… lol
MINI CHALLENGE.... Eat with smaller plates and/or utensils.... I have actually been thinking of trying this, I think Lap Band Gal does this and she ROCKS!!! so if it works for her, I am going to try it Smile 

Karla signing off ….

beam me up Kirk …. OMG Smile with tongue out


  1. I hear your shout about not giving up! It's hard sometimes it seems, but we have no other choice :)

  2. I really want to give up. But I hear you shouting too. NOT giving up at all now. :)

  3. Agreed - do not give up! I am in WL mode right now as well. Mostly LOL!

  4. I use the smaller plates and utensils already. And I don't even pile the food higher instead of spreading it out. LOL Love the "whining to you guys"...gave me a laugh!

  5. Not giving up is key - shout it all you need to! Good luck with the smaller plates thing, I'm giving it a try too. Love the ST reference!

  6. Love your encouragement!! You are full of life keep it up!!


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