Monday, February 6, 2012


well it started out with the best of intentions: oatmeal and egg whites scrambled with onions, mushroom and peppers

2012-02-05 06.48.282012-02-05 06.53.24

I made my favorite coffee; cinnamon coffee… didn’t cha guess?

2012-02-05 06.47.15

and a pumpkin protein bar from the freezer… still yummy and some cinnamon Fage

2012-02-05 09.49.492012-02-05 11.20.52

then all heck broke loose…. Super bowl … I am soo not a football fan, but I had a house full of folks and it’s Super bowl

2012-02-05 14.35.59

I ate 472 carrots, about 20 olives, 2 chicken nuggets, some dip and I drank about 5 diet soda’s… so I am bloated and my hands are a bit swollen from the salt… oh and popcorn last night, but popcorn was a better selection than the football cake

2012-02-06 07.22.27

so final thoughts… not a success but not a total failure

I will take it Smile with tongue out (like I have a choice…lol)

off to burn some of those pesky calories

later dudes and dudettes


  1. I am new to your blog and wanted to say "hi". You have really done well on your weight loss journey. Your photos are an inspiration. I got to say the football cake sure looks good!

  2. I hate that feeling when you've had too much sodium. Everything just feels puffy and yucky. Glad you avoided the football cake, the things they aren't doing with cake these days.... :) Here's to a great week!

  3. Yeah, I had a little Super Bowl incident, too, but no sweets. You are killing me with that chocolate football cake, though.

  4. Actually I'd say it was a pretty good success!! Sodium will be flushed out with drinking some extra water. You got through a party and even if it was a lot of carrots it could have been a lot of chocolate.


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