Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Todays eats

I did the same thing today, I planned my meals this morning and the times, and I did really really well!!

  • egg whites and oatmeal
  • veggies and a turkey meat ball
  • more veggies and turkey meat ball
  • Fage
  • scrambled egg whites with mushrooms, onions and peppers

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I had a killer work out this morning with 40 minutes of cardio! the only place I strayed from my plan today was an extra bowl of broccoli … oh please is that even worth mentioning!!?? Flirt male an iced coffee from Coffee Bean with SF vanilla powder and 2 of the hubby’s chicken nuggets… that last choice there…. ah not so great Embarrassed smile

2012-02-07 16.50.34

and later tonight I will have some 100 calorie popcorn

2012-02-07 16.51.41

Devil football cake is still in the refrigerator!! I did have a Fiber One brownie, only 90 calories, much better than the cake! Jack agrees


total NSV today, I went to the movies to see Underworld and had zero popcorn….I took a few carrots and munched on those instead Open-mouthed smile The movie was awesome by the way

later blogger buds


  1. An extra bowl of broccoli...lol. I'd call that staying on plan!

  2. Way to go on the no popcorn at the movies! that's a tough one for me.

  3. From what I read you are doing really well and it's nice to see that!

    I really like popcorn! You didn't mention how you have it but I will only eat it air popped. If I need some flavor, I will dilute some fat free salad dressing and use that. Movie popcorn should be called lard with some popcorn on it!

  4. You recaptured your mojo. TOSS THE CAKE. TOSS IT! ; ) I wish I liked turkey. I only like it fresh roasted or the way my sister makes turkey medallions (magic, I wish I had her touch with it)...otherwise, it makes me gag. Even in meatloaf or meatballs with spices, I can't seem to swallow. I got a weird mouth. ; )

    later, babes.

  5. You did great skipping the popcorn at the movies. That cake is probably stale now. Oops, it kind of dived into the garbage can. :(


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