Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Total WW’ers

Total points 21 minus an activity point = 20 points

breakfast was egg white omelet and a quarter cup of oatmeal

food for the days is packed

2012-02-22 04.54.58

I pulled out of the freezer for a few things

2012-02-22 09.17.41 turkey wrap 2012-02-22 12.07.17Fage with thawed berries… looks weird Smile with tongue out but it was yummo Smile 

2012-02-22 13.15.35 chicken chili 2012-02-22 14.09.33

someone bought these… not me!!! but I did have one Winking smile2012-02-22 16.13.09 veggie burger and broccoli with some balsamic thinned dressing and a shake of Parmesan

I feel so much better now Open-mouthed smile 

I am tired tonight, see ya tomorrow


  1. You are after my own heart with all those little tupperwares! ha ha. :)

    Nice planning my friend

  2. Mmm, chicken chilli spoke to me, it wants to be my friend. ;)

  3. My fave was the fage today.... your berries look yummy!

  4. Hey :o)
    I just fell onto your blog while trawling the web.
    Awesome job on the weight loss! You look fantastic!
    Your food looks interesting. What is fage? I'll have to go and google that.
    Keep up the great work :o)


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