Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am back in downtown Los Angeles, so I haven't had the time in the morning
No cardio for the last 2 days :(
And I just did the exact meal plan today as yesterday
One add, I had some of my hubbys popcorn tonight
Tomorrow is cardio and circuit training
I love gym days

Do you have days when you just repeat? It's just easier... You don't have to figure it all out?

I have to keep it mixed up though so I don't get bored, or feel like I am depriving myself... That leads to excess

Later blogger buddies


  1. So funny you asked about 'repeating.' I am SUCH a repetitious eater and exerciser...but is that a bad thing? I'm not sure. But there is comfort in the routine so I just try to not upset the balance of nature too much!

  2. Repeating is so much easier. But you're right about eventually feeling deprived about food and bored with exercise routine, so I have to watch too.


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