Thursday, March 1, 2012

How do I track thee? let me count the ways

2012-03-01 06.55.42Morning on my day off, I have my Ipad, breakfast and I am making list’s… getting organized, gotta go here do this, buy this…then this, oh and there’s also that!! 2012-03-01 13.40.10turkey meatballs and baked veggies 2012-03-01 17.31.572012-03-01 17.32.292012-03-01 18.01.07I had 3 of these Caramel rice cakes…Red heart I think they will be good with cottage cheese, or Fage, maybe even turkey… ahhh the idea’s are swirling Smile with tongue out 

so how do I count? I tracked old Weight Watcher points the entire time I was losing, but about 4-5 months ago I started paying real attention to my protein, if I get at least 110-140 grams a day, I am not even the tiniest bit hungry!! so I played with different calorie counting programs,. but if you put in your activity they give me a stupid amount of calories I am allowed… 1800… really!!! ahhh NO!!!

I have been using Calorie Count the last few days they have a nifty program for my phone, but whenever I open it, it does this weird….. buzzzz…buzzzzz then freezes, and says something about it forcing closed, then when I try it again it works… hummm (problem #1) also it showed my breakfast this morning of 5 egg whites as 18 grams of protein… hummm … that’s not right!!! (problem #2)

so I am not sure what I am going to try next, I need to count either calories OR Weight Watcher points, and the calories are WAY more accurate, but protein is a HUGE factor in what I track, so I just have to find a program that has accurate numbers


because Not tracking…..well is just NOT an option!!!

good day today Smile 

every day is a good day Smile it’s all in how I look at it Winking smile

see yall tomorrow


  1. I like (there's an app too) for tracking.


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