Monday, March 5, 2012

rambling, control issues and AMAZING!!

Breakfast was usual, egg whites and oatmeal

2012-03-05 04.37.14

then I packed my food:

  • Fage and 2 rice cakes; a new favorite Smile 
  • Turkey roll up/burrito
  • cottage cheese with broccoli and balsamic
  • salad

Rambling to follow:: Today about 2pm I was feeling a but overwhelmed!! yikes!! soo much to do Crying face so instead of accepting how I was feeling (I didn't think it through at the moment) I went and bought some trail mix

2012-03-05 15.42.12

I think identifying a problem is the first step in solving it? what do you think? I didn’t eat my salad… I should have sat down, relaxed… this too will pass..  I overreacted via trail mix

More rambling: I am reading listening to a CD on tape by Dr. Wayne W Dyer… aaaaamazing thumbnailSmile when I first started listening to it, I thought it was too intense for me, but as I get more and more into it, I love it!! It really stays with me all day. I highly recommend this book!!!

And yet more rambling Smile with tongue out Alissa (A Journey to Thin) posted yesterday about a giveaway for a calcium supplement. I have a family member that was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, so calcium is a concern of mine. I went and bought some tonight 

2012-03-05 18.52.522012-03-05 18.53.17


final thoughts: so food wise today was not so good, but on the flip side, I know why I freaked out and next time I am feeling overwhelmed, I will stop and realize I am just one thought away from calm Open-mouthed smile 

tootles till tomorrow


  1. "I think identifying a problem is the first step in solving it?"

    I totally agree with you on this one.

  2. You do realize that by posting this on your blog, that counts as an entry to the giveaway? Hop on over and leave a comment that you posted this! :)


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