Monday, April 30, 2012

So here’s the deal

no pictures today Surprised smile

I was just going to post “Ditto”

but we all knows how that goes, huh? Disappointed smile

so let’s figure this out together, shall we Open-mouthed smile 

ditto minus the salad … but add a Special K 100 calorie bar, and a bite of high fiber Bimbo toast with cream cheese, and another bite of mini bagel with cream cheese

add 5 Pringles, 12 M&M’s and a serving of some BOMB protein pudding. 1.5 cups of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of SF pudding mix, a scoop of protein powder and 4-5 tablespoons of any kind of milk, sweetener to taste. I put it in the food processor for a few minutes until the cottage cheese was smooth (made 2 servings, or 4 tiny servings) and had it tonight….. loved!!!!   Red heart

so too many tastes, but not a failure day

see ya tomorrow bloggity folks

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long tiring day

Busy day at the ranch Smile with tongue out 

as usual not in order

2012-04-29 05.02.303 ounces turkey, green beans 2012-04-29 05.02.40cabbage and a turkey meat ball2012-04-29 05.02.48broccoli and cottage cheese

2012-04-29 05.03.05salad with egg whites2012-04-29 05.12.562012-04-29 05.13.15

Fage and a protein drink

I need to do some Google searching, I want to make some protein puddings.. Mix things up a bit

see yall tomorrow bloggity folks

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day off ta do’s

2012-04-28 06.33.12Greek yogurt with berries 2012-04-28 09.17.26egg white omelet with oatmeal 2012-04-28 11.16.26I liked it Smile with tongue out 2012-04-28 14.48.58meat balls and veggies 2012-04-28 15.45.33oops I ate three of these mini’s they are 45 calories each

I shopped, cooked, worked out and just relaxed Open-mouthed smile good day off

serious serious morning reflections

Why is maintenance so hard?
Why do so many people gain the weight back?
There is a reaction for every action, right?

Eat too much = weigh too much
But it is a delayed reaction, I may weigh more today (I wouldn't know as I was too scared to face the scale)
BUT my pants fit last night, I am going to the gym this morning and the gym folks won't be freaking out over the overnight weight gain from yesterday

The reaction is delayed....
Duh, right? BUT follow me here .... Its like we are the instant gratification world, I want it now... BOOM it!!! Even weight loss... "oh I have been dieting, and this isn't working" says the person that is giving up after a week, a month, even 6 months... It takes a LIFE change not an instant fix..

So have I talked myself into a circle here... Hummm

Oh yeah, back to the instant fix theory, so anyway... When there is no instant penalty for my eating badly, my brain probably thinks ...."hey!!! Karla.. Wow cool!!! We got away with it, lets eat more... You know you love candy, Fritos, cookies, nuts and frozen yogurt" (everything I pretty much ate yesterday)

Then a day goes by, then two...three... Now I am starting to pay and pay BIG time, not just in my clothes but in my self esteem and confidence....
  • Then comes the "ahhh screw it phase" 
  • Then the "I can eat this, I work hard, it is JUST one trip to Mickey D's"
  • Then the criticism phase... Bashing how diligent others are and trying to justify my lack there of
  • Then the hiding stage... Pulling the clothes out of the dryer.... And STRETCHING the clothes while they are hot to make them bigger

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is why blogging has been the ONLY thing that has worked for me

I can't check in once a week (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig)
I am a person that needs to check in daily.... I need this!!! This blog... YOU out there!!!!!!

I have to be TOTALLY honest day to day and show silly repetitious pictures of boring food to be honest because I am scared, terrified actually .....

I don't want to go back Crying face
(ok tearing up here.... What a sap!!!!)

But this is hard core stuff for me... I am an old bat .... 52....
And I used soooo many years being obese, silly... So silly and sad that I don't want to waste any more years
This is life.... Right here..... RIGHT NOW!!!!!
Plans are great, but this moment in time is my life!!!!!

I want to enjoy it ..... The last 28 months (entire time I have been blogging) I have had a better feeling of self esteem and self confidence that has spilled over into my attitude about life in general and I am actually having better relationships...
With everyone I encounter... Even strangers!!!!!

And all those years food was the culprit!!! I gave away my power to be happy and enjoy my life to food!!!

So this may isn't just about dieting for me, this is about learning to embrace and enjoy life for me by being honest with a bunch of you and as an added bonus has led into building friendships

Ok enough outta me this morningOpen-mouthed smile

See ya tonight

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another day in the food life of a blogger

2012-04-26 05.06.22I look HUGE in this picture Disappointed smile I am wearing my hubbys XXL shirt, it makes a good sleep shirt

2012-04-26 07.36.52 I actually had 2 of these Trader Joes salads… they are 100 calories and 14 proteins 2012-04-26 11.58.03Greek yogurt with berries 2012-04-26 13.45.09almonds, this is the safest way to buy them!!! the container is only $.99 and is .75 of an ounce 2012-04-26 14.49.43melon 2012-04-26 17.15.35cabbage and turkey meatballs

2012-04-26 10.26.09 oops, forgot to take a picture Smile with tongue out 

I had the munchies when I got home that’s why I had another TJ egg white salad, BUT it makes sense because I have been having A LOT of fruit lately, which is high in sugar which leads to cravings… that is my scientific conclusion (based on pure blog surfing inte)

sheesh what a maroon!!! Just kidding

later taters Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baggy sweater day

2012-04-25 06.28.44

ready for work Open-mouthed smile 

and food

2012-04-25 04.44.16

man oh man I eat a lot!!!

  • oatmeal and egg whites, not pictured
  • cabbage and turkey meat balls
  • oven vegetables and some broccoli with turkey
  • salad with cottage cheese
  • TJ egg white salad
  • melon
  • 2 coffee’s with some half and half, not pictured

we got free Dorito’s at work

2012-04-25 16.11.42

I ate about half of the bag before I came to my senses!! there go the benefits of todays cardio Sad smile 

oh well… no one said I was a fast learner

I shouldn’t have eaten the Doritos BUT I haven’t had candy since I vowed to give it up, so that’s a plus Angel

see yall tomorrow

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ramble amble

My MIL is still sick Sad smile so I spent some time up with her, I am going to blog.. eat and go back.  (Paying it forward for the challenger followers)  I returned the salmon to Costco.. if I am not going to eat it, the stuff was expensive!!! …$28!!!I got turkey instead
2012-04-24 11.42.50 made turkey meat balls today.. Love Jaime Eason Smile
2012-04-24 11.43.00this is the turkey breast I got at Costco, I cut it up and divided it into 3 ounce servings
  2012-04-24 11.57.42when I did the math they are only $.76 each!!
2012-04-24 12.33.01a salad
  2012-04-24 14.54.01melon
2012-04-24 16.19.57veggies and turkey meatballs
I also had my usual for breakfast; oatmeal and egg whites and a frozen yogurt from Costco, BUT I had them only fill it about a quarter of the way so the calories weren’t too bad, here is the “after picture”
2012-04-24 10.57.52
I will probably have some popcorn while I am up at my MIL’s house, remember the dreaded M&M jar is sitting there STARING Disappointed smile at me, so popcorn is my alternative choice Smile with tongue out
This is kind of a rambling post Sad smile
see ya tomorrow bloggity buds

Monday, April 23, 2012

No Candy day #1

I need to go online and find some kind of day counter to help me with this. I am totally serious about the “no candy Karla rule”
frozen yogurt, cookies, even an occasional frozen treat I can have one and I don’t go bonkers  but candy and nuts are my trigger foods and they just create this downward spiral for me … so no more!!
Nuts I may try a bit harder to figure out how to add them, because raw almonds ARE a healthy fat, but for now no no no!!!
on to my food in no particular order
2012-04-23 05.00.16turkey meatballs and cooked cabbage
2012-04-23 05.00.44 salad
2012-04-23 05.01.13 melon
2012-04-23 05.02.03 egg white salad
  2012-04-23 05.19.32egg whites and oatmeal
  2012-04-23 05.00.24salmon and baked vegetables… ahhh one word for the salmon……… GROSS!!!! Sick smile so I tossed the salmon in the trash… which I of course made up the calories from earlier in the day.. staff meeting … just one 130 calorie cookie
2012-04-23 13.08.192012-04-23 13.09.05
and a splash of half and half in my iced coffee
so all in all a good day!!!
see yall tomorrow

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