Sunday, April 15, 2012

Are you ready for the week?

I am Smile with tongue out 

2012-04-14 17.21.49broccoli2012-04-14 17.22.09massive super salad!! 2012-04-14 18.13.40cabbage2012-04-14 18.13.504 cookie sheets of baked vegetables 2012-04-14 19.03.06out of the oven …. yummo!!2012-04-14 19.02.54brussel sprouts

and I bought Salmon… wild caught. I have to figure out how to cook it so it is lunch friendly Smile 

hope you all had a wonderful day!!! 5 things I am happy about today:

  1. The drive hope was a straight shot!! NO traffic, I got home 15 minutes faster!!
  2. My MIL got me a finch feeder Smile 
  3. My hubby is talking about eating healthy and getting in shape Open-mouthed smile 
  4. Jack (my pug) was adorable when I got home he kept “talking” to me … he’s such a goof
  5. I got a book on tape from the work library… and it was brand spankin new!!! so there will be no skips from scratches in it … BOOM Smile 

see ya tomorrow

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