Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Back to regularly scheduled programming

2012-04-03 04.42.15

so here was the deal 20 WWer points (old points) and 116 g of protein = weight loss mode and no hungries Smile 

2012-04-03 04.27.27 veggies and turkey meat balls 2012-04-03 04.27.39chicken and cabbage and balsamic 2012-04-03 04.27.51Greek 0% and berries 2012-04-03 04.28.01orange 2012-04-03 04.39.57popcorn

and oatmeal and egg whites for breakfast

One thing I got from my vacation was I am sooo going to buy a two piece for Hawaii!!! We are going in September and there were ladies of all shaped and sizes walking around totally comfortable, so what is my stress? how fun!! I haven’t had a real two piece bathing suit in YEARS!!!

can you say cardio and crunches?? lol Rolling on the floor laughing 

well folks see yall tomorrow

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