Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baggy sweater day

2012-04-25 06.28.44

ready for work Open-mouthed smile 

and food

2012-04-25 04.44.16

man oh man I eat a lot!!!

  • oatmeal and egg whites, not pictured
  • cabbage and turkey meat balls
  • oven vegetables and some broccoli with turkey
  • salad with cottage cheese
  • TJ egg white salad
  • melon
  • 2 coffee’s with some half and half, not pictured

we got free Dorito’s at work

2012-04-25 16.11.42

I ate about half of the bag before I came to my senses!! there go the benefits of todays cardio Sad smile 

oh well… no one said I was a fast learner

I shouldn’t have eaten the Doritos BUT I haven’t had candy since I vowed to give it up, so that’s a plus Angel

see yall tomorrow


  1. I love baggy sweater days :)

    Still no candy?? Your doing great!

  2. Thanks for the turkey meatball recipe yesterday. I eat a lot too. It's fun. :)

  3. baggy sweater makes you look thin!..

  4. Baggy sweater days are the best! I feel so "petite" in them! :)

    They are almost as good as doritos!



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