Thursday, April 5, 2012

Beautification day and a little over

2012-04-05 09.23.37egg white salad and rice cakes 2012-04-05 10.06.21orange and almonds 2012-04-05 12.36.36veggies and turkey meat balls2012-04-05 13.42.59iced coffee with a splash of half and half and a pure protein bar.

2012-04-05 18.06.14 I didn’t eat all this, 2 wings and a thigh

plus oatmeal and egg whites, too much protein… oh well Smile with tongue out 

gym, brows, manicure, hair… Humpty is back together again tee hee Open-mouthed smile 

I love pamper days they are so energizing … Off to the store to load up the refrigerator

see ya tomorrow bloggity folks


  1. Sounds like a great day! I love getting my nails done but very rarely do!

  2. I love pamper days too! I love getting pedicures but have been doing them myself to save money. Not nearly as fun or pretty!

  3. Sounds fantastic! Never thought of doing an egg white salad -- something to try for sure :)


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