Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Before and after

food before:

 2012-04-11 04.51.30veggies and meat balls 2012-04-11 04.51.37salad2012-04-11 04.51.45cabbage and ham

2012-04-11 04.51.56rice cakes and egg white salad

and after: 2012-04-11 05.02.24

ain’t it purty Smile with tongue out 

breakfast : 2012-04-11 05.30.51

and tonight when I got home: 2012-04-11 18.37.25

and I stole this off another's blog


so so true Smile 

5 things that made me happy today  (idea stolen from Anxious for Happiness)

  1. Wearing a new top and sweater today, I felt nice
  2. This morning it was raining, but by the time I got to work it had stopped Smile 
  3. I wore my size 4 pants today
  4. Hubby and I planned our anniversary brunch for this week end (27 years!!)
  5. Even given the fact that I was running late this morning and it was raining, I had a good hair day… BOOM!!! Open-mouthed smile 

In the mini challenge, I have visited 25 out of the 45 so far… and I have still 4 days to go!!!

see ya tomorrow bloggity folks


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Glad to see you are in the challenge. Looks like you are doing great!

  2. Loved those things that made you happy! Yay for good hair days! And size 4 pants!!! Woo Mama!! :) Go girl!


  3. Ahh what a great idea to include a list of things that made you happy! That is fantastic :)

  4. Love the list of things that make you happy... I may have to steal that one too.


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