Sunday, April 22, 2012

Candy was my downfall today

2012-04-22 07.51.49why are days off so much harder than work days? … Breakfast out; egg white omelet with oatmeal (there was too much turkey sausage in it… I had to pick a bunch out) 2012-04-22 11.29.26I bought these today, I want to start eating more fish. I actually cooked salmon today, I used this recipe it is in the refrigerator… I will let you know how it is

 2012-04-22 11.37.202012-04-22 12.57.292012-04-22 13.17.04my MIL wasn’t feeling well today, so I went up and spent some time with her… this was on her coffee table..M&M’s and so the candy binge starts Disappointed smile

2012-04-22 16.17.09

all the kids came over for dinner, prime rib and twice baked potatoes, I had a bit of prime rib on my salad Open-mouthed smile super treat

I went to the gym Saturday AND Sunday. I like going by myself actually. I definitely work myself harder!

later guys Smile with tongue out


  1. Candy monster has been here, too. Let's kick his ass out! K?

  2. Oh I so understand the attraction of the candy monster. I have been "good" this week - I have limited myself to three days. So I'm happy about that, but temptation is such a struggle!

  3. Looking at all this food is making me hungry. :-) I always fall into temptation with processed juices. Just one sip and I forget about calories. lol!

  4. Candy jars are just plain evil! I'm glad that the kids Easter candy is gone because it is tempting to just grab a chocolate here and there.


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