Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cooking Queen

I hit the gym this morning; 10 minutes on the stairs, 20 minutes on the treadmill and I did 30 minutes of weights Smile
Then breakfast with the hubby and son
2012-04-21 09.12.39oatmeal
2012-04-21 09.15.09egg white omelet with onions, jalapenos, tomatoes and half a portion of soy chorizo … yum yum Open-mouthed smile
2012-04-21 11.27.072012-04-21 11.27.38I bought jerky at the store Mizfit mentioned she eats it, and she rocks so I thought I would give it as try
2012-04-21 12.43.05
this was the cooking list, I did end up with the green beans AND the broccoli, plus a melon salad … I will

make the salmon later tonight, it is all thawed and ready to go
 2012-04-21 13.15.01cabbage and turkey meatballs

2012-04-21 13.39.58watermelon
2012-04-21 16.34.32dinner

I also had a couple egg whites and I may have some hot out of the oven baked vegetable… nummers
Karla the cooking Queen Princess

see ya tomorrow blogger pals


  1. I like those pure protein bars too.

    Would you mind sharing your turkey meatball recipe?

  2. You definitely are the cooking queen!!! :)



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