Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day in the food life :)

2012-04-04 04.54.11not in correct order Smile with tongue out 

salad with cottage cheese

2012-04-04 04.54.19broccoli, asparagus and turkey meat balls

2012-04-04 04.54.37 Egg white salad and rice cakes 2012-04-04 04.55.22 Fage flavored with Torani 2012-04-04 05.16.065 egg whites and oatmeal. I have started adding a teaspoon of chai seeds to my oatmeal

and I just had a 100 calorie popcorn…. humm what else?? Thinking smile coffee bean (90 calories)  Starbucks coffee with some half and half (calories??) and a few handfuls of potato chips

I did get my water in and my cardio Smile 

not too exciting Open-mouthed smile but recording here helps me keep it real so thank you for being bored

see ya tomorrow bloggity folks

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