Monday, April 23, 2012

Drastic measures

So I have been thinking all last night and this morning about how to break this candy obsession

I read a blog yesterday... Sorry I read so many I can't remember who, but this gal listed all the challenges of maintenance and in the challenges were the fact that your weight loss becomes old news and people are used to the new you so you get no positive reinforcement, and there are no rewards like the new clothes shopping you enjoyed in the beginning

Flash to yesterday afternoon (prior candy pig out) .... Mothers Day is coming and the kids are asking me to pick out a watch ... I LOVE watches :)
I am looking and looking ... Keeping in mind to be mindfull of cost, I don't want to make the kids broke ... Ha ha BUT there were a few...OMG!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

So here is where the drastic measures comes in...
for myself I will approach this like AA
30 day chip
60 day chip
90 day chip
6 month chip (is there a 9 month chip??? I can't remember!!??)
And for my one year NO CANDY anniversary I will reward myself with a watch

Positive reinforcement of the non food kind

I just have to think of the smaller rewards

I have to run and get ready for work.... More on this tonight

Later taters

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  1. I like it, as I'm at the no positive reinforcement stage also.

  2. Good luck with your challenge! I read once that maintenance is all the work of weight loss but none of the glory - like you said, we thrive on all the positive reinforcement from losing weight!


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