Thursday, April 12, 2012


I get frustrated with Yahoo mail sometimes, or just technology in general… Sometimes it is like the universe is teaching me patience, me of course …. I don’t always see it that way Disappointed smile

I send my pictures to myself every day, download them, put them in a file and make my post. Well sometimes yahoo mail or the computer… or the Gnomes living in the air waves decide… no not so quick sucka!!! Not today… hee hee hee Nyah-Nyah so you thought you had a system? Had it all figured out? did ya? HA!!! Vampire bat

ok whatever

  • egg whites and oatmeal
  • Trader Joe’s egg white salad and 2 rice cakes
  • Jay Robb protein shake
  • Baked vegetables and 1.5 turkey meatballs
  • Panda Express vegetables (meeting food)
  • Trader Joes egg white salad (gotta eat em up!!)

I did cardio twice today and circuit trained.

I had a BAD week this last week, feelin like I am all that and a bag of chips!!Princess Miss oh I can eat and eat and eat and guess what….  Thumbs down

blah…. 140.2

I have found I don’t like to be above 138 and just those 2.2 pounds make me feel yucko

I only have 11 more Getting ready for Summer challengers to visit so I am off to be blog social Open-mouthed smile


  1. I'm just catching up on my blog reading!
    It's amazing what just a few lbs difference can make.
    You know what your doing and I know you'll do what's best for you.


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