Sunday, April 29, 2012

Long tiring day

Busy day at the ranch Smile with tongue out 

as usual not in order

2012-04-29 05.02.303 ounces turkey, green beans 2012-04-29 05.02.40cabbage and a turkey meat ball2012-04-29 05.02.48broccoli and cottage cheese

2012-04-29 05.03.05salad with egg whites2012-04-29 05.12.562012-04-29 05.13.15

Fage and a protein drink

I need to do some Google searching, I want to make some protein puddings.. Mix things up a bit

see yall tomorrow bloggity folks

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  1. Go check out I think she has some protein puddings, I know she has protein ice cream... must be getting hot in So Cali like it is here


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