Monday, April 23, 2012

No Candy day #1

I need to go online and find some kind of day counter to help me with this. I am totally serious about the “no candy Karla rule”
frozen yogurt, cookies, even an occasional frozen treat I can have one and I don’t go bonkers  but candy and nuts are my trigger foods and they just create this downward spiral for me … so no more!!
Nuts I may try a bit harder to figure out how to add them, because raw almonds ARE a healthy fat, but for now no no no!!!
on to my food in no particular order
2012-04-23 05.00.16turkey meatballs and cooked cabbage
2012-04-23 05.00.44 salad
2012-04-23 05.01.13 melon
2012-04-23 05.02.03 egg white salad
  2012-04-23 05.19.32egg whites and oatmeal
  2012-04-23 05.00.24salmon and baked vegetables… ahhh one word for the salmon……… GROSS!!!! Sick smile so I tossed the salmon in the trash… which I of course made up the calories from earlier in the day.. staff meeting … just one 130 calorie cookie
2012-04-23 13.08.192012-04-23 13.09.05
and a splash of half and half in my iced coffee
so all in all a good day!!!
see yall tomorrow


  1. I have a counter on my blog, I think you can click on it to make your own. It's on the top right, has a blue star.

  2. I thought a handful of nuts were a healthy snack, too, but it turns out that I have really big hands.

  3. Candy is my crack...I have to stay away from it. It calls my name. Especially at night.

    I can't wait to get a trader joes here in my town (coming in July!) so I can try all the yummies you talk about :)

  4. I looooooove nuts, but I count out a portion, usually 10, and try not to go back again. I'll be reading to see how it goes. And with the no candy, too.

  5. Why was the salmon gross?? I have been trying to get up the nerve to cook some salmon since the only kind I have ever eaten has been the canned kind in the form of a fried patty! :)


    1. It tasted great when I made it, I think its just I only like salmon when it is prepared for me. I think its the chef (me) not the salmon!!


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