Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ramble amble

My MIL is still sick Sad smile so I spent some time up with her, I am going to blog.. eat and go back.  (Paying it forward for the challenger followers)  I returned the salmon to Costco.. if I am not going to eat it, the stuff was expensive!!! …$28!!!I got turkey instead
2012-04-24 11.42.50 made turkey meat balls today.. Love Jaime Eason Smile
2012-04-24 11.43.00this is the turkey breast I got at Costco, I cut it up and divided it into 3 ounce servings
  2012-04-24 11.57.42when I did the math they are only $.76 each!!
2012-04-24 12.33.01a salad
  2012-04-24 14.54.01melon
2012-04-24 16.19.57veggies and turkey meatballs
I also had my usual for breakfast; oatmeal and egg whites and a frozen yogurt from Costco, BUT I had them only fill it about a quarter of the way so the calories weren’t too bad, here is the “after picture”
2012-04-24 10.57.52
I will probably have some popcorn while I am up at my MIL’s house, remember the dreaded M&M jar is sitting there STARING Disappointed smile at me, so popcorn is my alternative choice Smile with tongue out
This is kind of a rambling post Sad smile
see ya tomorrow bloggity buds


  1. I'm going to give you my address so you when you cook your meals and divide them up you can send some to me!!! :) You are such a great planner! I want to be that way when I grow up! :)



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