Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So when I was at my heaviest, I spent stupid amounts of money on every get thin quick gimmick out there ....

Diet pills
Diet vitamins
Joined gyms.... Never went

Jenny Craig ... Doesn't work if you eat all the yummy food before you even get home!!!
Paid to re-join Weight Watcher too many times to count!!
Once I spent like $400 to get an entire "kit" from some body builder, it was just a bunch of flip cards and lists... I was too embarrased to make a fuss and try to get a refund
Diet teas
Starvation diets

Stupid, dumb stuff

So I am better than that now.... Ah right?

Well it would appear not!!!

So my friend is telling me about the Dr Oz show and this raspberrry extract herb that is supposed to shrink your fat cells... Sounds like a crock right???

I bought the dumb stuff this morning on Amazon....

What a dope!!! Sheesh

I guess I am still hoping there is some quick fix out there.....

oh well $20 wasted :(
I will give it to my friend if she wants if, I know what works for me

Eat clean, track my food and exercise

Karla... Ya big ole dummy!!!!

Night folks


  1. "Eat clean, track my food and exercise" Amen!

  2. At least you didn't sign up for the great new feeding tube diet. I was one of the nuts who had my ears stapled and I know that was plain dumb. :)

  3. I bought the $400 kit too. I think it ended up at Goodwill. On the flip side, if Dr. OZ says it, it must be true. ;)

  4. Old habits die hard. One of my friends just told me about some appetite suppresant tea that she drinks and swears by. Keep doing what you are doing, no gimmicks, because it's obviuosly worked for you!!!!!!!!

  5. You don't sound like an idiot to me. An idiot would be posting all excited about her new raspberry concoction and urging us to get it also to burn fat quicker.

    Dr Oz, huh? I've seen him a few times, and I would've thought he'd be the 1st to say ...well, basically what you just said! So you're wiser than Dr Oz!

    (Or he's just being paid a lot of $ to push that idiotic stuff to over-eager women.)

    Next time, blow your $ on cute workout clothes you're psyched to wear! :)

  6. While I won't do starvation diets, I still fall prey to trying stuff I hear about on tv. Like Dr. Oz and the African Mango thing. Nothing. I have taken it as directed for 2.5 months. NOTHING. Waste of moolah. Didn't affect my LDL or my weight. hahahahah

    Dr. Oz is starting to seriously lose credibility with me.

    But I suspect I'll still try stuff....as long as someone attaches some study to it, I figure, well, okay. I'll still eat my whole foods, exercise, and let's see if Item X does some neat trick.

    On we go....with gullibility disguised as eager hope...

  7. If only I could get my money back for all of the things I have spent trying to lose weight...well, I would have a lot of money! Except for my Fitbit.

    Why not try the extract when it comes, it might work...

  8. Dr. Oz plugs something new every single day. No one person could possibly take every thing he recommends! It's hard for me to even watch him anymore.


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