Monday, April 16, 2012


2012-04-16 05.04.41not in order as usual Smile with tongue out 2012-04-16 05.04.59cabbage and turkey meatball with balsamic 2012-04-16 05.05.29salad with egg whites2012-04-16 05.24.392012-04-16 05.26.19protein shake 2012-04-16 05.27.392012-04-16 13.21.34

baked veggies with 3 ounces of turkey. I actually planned what and when to eat today, I pretty much followed it. No popcorn because I had a cookie and some almonds. I did my cardio this morning and 10 minutes of guilt cardio tonight Eye rolling smile

will that burn off the cookie and almonds? If I had a fitbit I would know Just kidding


see ya tomorrow bloggity buds 


  1. I bought a Fitbit back in January, and it does work relatively well, if I would be able to keep up with logging everything. I slacked in logging food intake, b/c it doesn't have a lot of the foods I eat, so I was having to input everything. But it does tell me if I'm taking enough steps or being active enough, so that's nice.

  2. Love my Fitbit! I see they are being sold at Target now.


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