Friday, April 20, 2012

When I need to grocery shop ….

I go to the freezer:
2012-04-20 04.44.40
I don’t keep a lot in the freezer, but enough so there is always something to grab if I run out, so as usual not in order:
2012-04-20 04.49.04
5 egg whites and a quarter cup of oatmeal and a teaspoon of Chai seeds 2012-04-20 05.26.40
frozen broccoli, turkey meatballs
  2012-04-20 10.14.13
 chicken chili
  2012-04-20 12.19.56
 vegetable soup with 3 ounces of turkey
2012-04-20 15.15.51
rice, green beans and 3 ounces of turkey

now this looks great, right on plan… right? …. then the dreaded TRAIL MIX!!!
oh well… poopy doo
tomorrow is gym day, I will sweat it off, and I have to cook tomorrow and the normal day off chores Smile with tongue out
How was your week?
see ya tomorrow bloggity buds

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  1. AH! Trail Mix is from the devil!!! I have to stay away!!!!


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