Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby guns

2012-05-25 04.55.49

Laughing out loud Laughing out loudLaughing out loudLaughing out loudLaughing out loud

Food today: pretty much the same as yesterday… here’s some of it

2012-05-25 04.49.012012-05-25 04.57.582012-05-25 05.03.08

and my selection of protein powders Open-mouthed smile 

2012-05-25 05.09.40

I am off tomorrow, yeah!!! gym and relaxing

2012-05-25 10.18.31

yikes!!! how did that get in there!!!  I don't know smile 


  • steps 11501 (no cardio today)
  • 4.87 miles walked
  • 1862 calories burned
  • 23 flights of stairs
  • 1504 calories consumed (I counted the Cheetos!!)

do you have any big plans for the holiday weekend? Me? there’s a Nook with my name on it Open-mouthed smile 

see ya tomorrow folks


  1. Those are not baby guns...those are SERIOUS guns! Love it :)

  2. WOAH! That is my new goal, to have arms like yours!

  3. Ahh!! It's been so long since I've commented. How is the Nook?? I've been trying to decide between that or a Kindle.

  4. You look great!.... I am just getting into the protein powder stuff and could use advice. What brand is good, how to use it??? Anything....

  5. Baby guns?? Those are flipping machine guns :)


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