Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Can I do it?

first food:

2012-05-02 04.50.41cabbage with 3 ounces turkey

2012-05-02 04.51.01 broccoli, squash and 2 turkey meatballs

2012-05-02 04.51.15salad with egg whites 2012-05-02 04.52.06Greek yogurt2012-05-02 04.53.09power bar

I thin my dressing half Light balsamic and half vinegar2012-05-02 04.54.282012-05-02 04.58.13I am trying to spread out the times, so I eat later 2012-05-02 05.08.51breakfast egg whites and veggies

so can I do it?

  1. not count Weight Watcher points and maintain my weight? …. Maybe count points one day and count calories one day? hummmm still thinking on this one. I didn’t count WWer points today
  2. Do a half marathon in December….. That gives me 7 months to train. I should be able to do this!!!

I also had a bit of popcorn

I feel weird eating so late as my last meal. I think I may gain…or will I gain because I just plain ole am eating too much and not counting WWer points

I think I need to give it some time, maybe just one and not both at the same time. Like still plan to eat later (binge prevention is the thought behind this) and count points for a month or so, then try and wean off counting WWer points EVERY day

sheesh such silly simple things get me tied up in knots

People have real problems!!! I feel kind of dumb stressing and spending so much time thinking about this (all day folks!!!)


I will figure it out Smile with tongue out 

later taters


  1. I think you will find exactly what works for you!

    I love cabbage but cabbage doesn't love my tummy :(

    Don't let the stress get to you. "hugs"

  2. A half marathon is SO do-able!!!

  3. You can do the half marathon! Plenty of time! :)

  4. Good Luck the the halfM.... you can so do it.

  5. You WILL figure it all out Karla, and I think you would do really well in the race. Take care. Hugs.

  6. I do the same thing; eating more of my calories at night to prevent bingeing. Nighttime is the only time I have trouble with my eating, during the day I'm fine. I don't think this will make you gain.

    I think you would do great on a half marathon!

    As always I think your food looks so yummy.


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