Monday, May 28, 2012

Cardio, cook and family

cardio first thing this morning, 45 minutes…boo ya!


2012-05-28 09.32.08steamed cabbage2012-05-28 10.40.23salad makings 2012-05-28 11.03.01salad all done 2012-05-28 11.09.13protein pudding 2012-05-28 10.12.56baked vegetables ingredients 2012-05-28 11.46.35fresh out of the oven 2012-05-28 12.07.27and done

also hard boiled eggs, baked chicken and turkey meatballs

Family was over for a HUGE BBQ!!!

So in talking to my daughter and her boyfriend aka the family gym rats

conversation went something like this

Me…”oh I don’t eat any carbs, hardly any in a day”

them…”WHAT!!!! all you eat is carbs”

me…”you are crazy, I have no bread, no pasta, NOTHING”

I must admit I was feeling a bit peeved at this point… me carbs, oh PLUEEZE!!!

well they pointed out that carbs turn into fat and those beautiful vegetables (see above) are FULL of carbs… huh??? they be vegetables and I can eat as many as I want… right? (losing confidence at this point)

so any way I added the carb counter to my Lose it program on my phone and they suggested I cut my vegetables back to 100 and up my protein to 160

I feel like such a dope!!!

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