Friday, May 11, 2012


this has been visiting my house too often lately … late at night ENTIRE bags!!! by myself!!!

 2012-05-11 06.14.01

ahh that felt better, honesty Open-mouthed smile and the silly calorie counter on Lose it counts the entire bag as 188 calories, so that wasn’t helping!! (yeah right Karla, blame a computer program… that is weak sweetheart!!!)

any ways… gotta grocery shop… BAD!!! …oh and I had egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast

2012-05-11 04.05.302012-05-11 04.58.57

or can’t ya tell?? LOL Smile 

well I stocked up tonight, BUT I work tomorrow, so I am not sure what I will make tomorrow morning. I will think about that tomorrow.. Like Scarlett would say


  • calories consumed 1372 …really!!! nothing else tonight!!!Angel
  • 14757 steps
  • 12 floors climbed
  • 6.25 miles walked
  • 1873 calories burned  the Fitbit is saying I need to burn 2184 calories…???

later taters


  1. Hey there. Do you like your FitBIt...?I was thinking about getting one.

  2. I am rolling on the floor laughing!! Guess what I have beside my laptop right now?????? An EMPTY popcorn bag!!! HA!!!


    By the way, I combined all 3 of my blogs (running, reading, teaching) into 1 blog to make my life simple!

  3. I pop a bag of popcorn in the morning and put it in 4 or 5 sandwich bags - that way I can spread the snacking out over the day!


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